Friday, 4 May 2018

Charette Goes Undefeated to Win Falcon Cues QC Pro Tour Grand Final

Michael Bernier, Danny Hewitt, Nicolas Charrette, Luc Salvas, John Morra

 By: Markus Noé

The weekend of April 28th-29th the Falcon Cues Québec Pro Tour wrapped up its season at Dooly's Valleyfield. 50 players from all over Québec and Ontario came to participate in this $4000 added season ending tournamnet. With the edition of players like John Morra and Erik Hjorleifson who came from Toronto this was the most talent stacked tournament of the season.

Early on the main storyline for me was that world renown player and major champion Morra, was playing with his opposite hand. I have some insight on his abilities as a few years back I went to the Steinway Classic in Queen's NY and played some cheap matches with him as he played left handed. He even spotted me and I think I was lucky to win 1 out of 4 matches. Morra being a right handed player but heavely left eye dominate has been discussed in length in the pool community.

Being so dominate in his opposite eye something I am trying to overcome myself, has caused some issues for Morra. He is currently in a lot of neck and back pain and told me this past week "if i am going to contiue to play professionally, I have to make the switch." Morra also said he believes in two years he will be preforming better than ever. Besides overcoming the pain their are some technical advantages for him as well.

With all that being said Morra went on to finish in third place, playing opposite hand the entire way. He met up with Danny Hewitt the most dominate player in Falcon Tour history earlier on and lost a close match. Later on the losers side he met up with another legend Alain Martel on the losers side and eliminated him, then also got revenge against Hewitt beating him out in 4th.

It was runner up Michael Bernier who ended Morra improbable run in the losers side final. Bernier has to be one of the most aggressive pro players I have seen on the tour. He literally takes on most shots without much regard for safety play and it serves him well as him and Nicolas Charette met in the winners side final.  Both players had to get by some tough pro's as Charette beat Alain Martel and Bernier beat Danny Hewitt two Canadian legends on route to the winners side final

Charette would get the win 9-5 in this match. Overall all weekend Charette seemed to be the most comfortable out there, just queitly going about his business never taking a shot off or taking a gamble at the "wrong shot." It was this combination that served him well throughout the event.

The final was a thrilling match as until half way though the race to 11 either player had not made a mistake. They were exchanging racks back forth the entire match until the end were Charette got his nose ahead to win 11-9 in what was one of the highest level matches I have seen on the tour all season. Congratulations to finalist for putting on a great show.

I would like to thank Danny Hewitt and Luc Paquette for putting on a great tour again this year! As always I cannot wait to be back next season and keep climbing up the ladder myself! See you all in September! 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

1st Annual Pat Cormier Memorial Pool Tournament

Submitted by Jayson Goyer

It was a great time for all in Belleville this past weekend who participated at  Pat Cormier Memorial pool tournament at Mr. Zeds Billiards Room. There was 30 entrants from Belleville, Picton, Brockville, Kingston and Trenton, A special thanks to Brandon Cormier for running things as smooth as possible and to Lois Cormier and the Preston family for their generous door prize donations,

Kingstown Brewery gave sizable prize donation,  and Pizza Hut Belleville also donated prizes.  We would like to also thank Kim Bracken and Lisa Knell for doing an awesome job running the 50-50 draw selling over $500 in tickets WOW ! Also a special thanks to George (grey bush) Sokolowski for Mc-ing the best dam player auction I have ever been a part of in Belleville collecting over $1,000 cash payout, and a special thanks to Peter for letting us take over his pool room for 2 days.

8 Ball 1st prize $700 Devin Buttle
2nd $420 Ron Bradshaw
3rd $260 Steve Winter
4th $160 Stan Wilkinson
10 Ball 1st prize $700 Ron Bradshaw
2nd $500 Jay Goyer

And over $350 raised for the Children's Hospital.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

3rd Annual Ashton Twins Classic Dates!

By: Markus Noé

The Ashton Twins Classic which is only in it's third year now has quickly become the second most prestigious female event in Canada, outside the Canadian Championships. This event has attracted named players such as Brittany Bryant Emily Duddy as well as both of the Ashton sisters themselves Joanne and Beverely who are accomplished players in their own right.

The Hidden Spot pool room in Calgary is the premier place to play in the area and a beautiful venue for a big event. It is rumored that the added money will be around $10,000. Joanne Ashton has announced the dates to be June 14-18 more details to come!

2nd Annual East Coast Canadian 9 Ball Open Announcement!

Thomas Martin, the main promoter of pool in the East Coast of Canada at the moment has announced his second edition of the East Coast Canadian 9 Ball Open. This past November was the inaugural event which saw 238 players descend upon his pool room of RailBirds Billiards Inc in Halifax Nova Scotia.

 When this tournament was first announced last year, it caused an immediate stir as it was easily the biggest prize pool played in Canada in at least a decade. The large amount of added money attracted world class players all around the globe including, Mika Immonen, John Morra, Imrad Majid ,Alex Pagulayan and Erik Hjorleifson to name a few. By all accounts this was a well run world class event.

Immonen beat Morra in the final to win the inaugural event in a close match. Once again this year the field is open to 256 players and with the buzz created from the precious event this one should be even better. If the poster above cannot answer all your questions please contact TJ Martin at 902-402-7954.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Drummondville: Daigle Wins Largest Falcon Tour Field of the Season

Winner Martin Daigle, Director Danny Hewitt, Runner up Dan Normandin and second chance winner Darren Auclair 
By: Markus Noé

The Falcon Québec Pro Tour saw the biggest turnout of the season with 55 players descending upon Billiard Heriot in Drummondville, . The field boasted 12 pro's and a healthy number of high level Semi-Pro and AAA players. What added to this this tournament was the 34 amateurs that participated in this non-handicap event. This demonstrates that the staggered entry fee system that the Falcon Tour organizers Danny Hewitt and Luc Paquette have implemented is working.

With so many pro's and other top players in attendance it made it possible for upsets to occur. In Québec Alain Martel, and Danny Hewitt have been so dominate for so many years now its almost a guarantee that one of them will win the tournament if they are both in the field and no big out of province names show up.

Recent third place finisher at the Turning Stone Classic and finalist this year on the Falcon Tour Joey Cicero was the first big name to be upset. He went down in the first round to the Québec Junior Champion Tommy Cayer 9-7. Cicero did not have his best match however Cayer showed his potential by not playing scared and taking advantage of the opportunities given to him. In his next match he met up with one of the fastest rising female players in Québec Valerie Bedard who recently returned from a successful trip to Hard Times Billiards in Sacramento, California. This was for the NAPT Division 2 (North American Pool Tour) stop, Bedard cashed in this event in the 9-12th position. She was apparently still in form as she got by Cayer 9-7 and in her match had Pro Martin Daigle down 4-1 before eventually losing 9-4.

Marco Caron
Top players such as Nicholas Charret, Harold Rousseau, Yan Lalande, Ghislain Champagne all found themselves out well before the cash, which goes to show you the caliber of the field. Semi-Pro players Marco Caron and Daniel Gagné both had impressive performances in this tournament and eventually met up on the losers side in the 5/6th position. Caron beat two Pro's on his winners side charge, Harold Rousseau and Ghislain Champagne. Gagné who lost early on the winners side won 4 matches on the losers side before ending Caron's tournament 9-6.

Daniel Gagné
 Gagné then went on to have an impressive win over Alain "The Dancing Bear" Martel 9-5 in the 4th place match. In the third place match he met up with Martin Daigle who just suffered his first lost to Dan Normandin another former 3rd place finisher at the Turning Stone Classic. Daigle went on to end Gagné's impressive run 9-7 and earned his rematch with Normandin.

Daigle would not be denied in this extended race to 11, as he won 11-7 to earn his first Falcon Tour victory of the season. Congratulations to all the winners, I would also like to thank Danny Hewitt and Luc Paquette for putting on a great event. The next Falcon Tour will be held in Edmundston New Brunswick this weekend March 10-11. Finally I would like to thank my main sponsor for this tournament Doug Disotell and Rack-M-Up Billiards.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Falcon Tour In Drummondville This Weekend!

Billiard Heriot in Drummondville Québec located about an hour outside of Montreal on route to Quebec City, will host a Falcon Tour stop this weekend. A few weeks back Dooly's Neufchatel hosted the most recent stop and 47 players came to participate, this tied Terminus in Gatineau for the second highest number of players this season.

With this pool hall being located between Montreal and Québec City were most of the elite players AAA and above live, this has the potential to be another record turnout. The field in Neufchatel featured 12 Pro's, and many other top players. The Falcon Tour now in its 3rd season has seen professional participation increase a fair bit as well as seeing a lot of players in the AAA and Semi-Pro range come out of long hibernation now that there is an elite circuit to play on.

Dooly's Neufchatel is a beautiful venue with a great staff. Marco Sanchargrin a well known promoter in the province is the owner and for a chain it really feels like a mom and pop place that caters to the players. In the Finals it was a couple familiar foes facing off as Alain Martel and Danny Hewitt. In the winners side final they also met, with Danny Hewitt winning 9-5. In the third place match Martel played Joey Cicero who has been close a few times to winning his first Falcon Tour stop. He already had a finals appearance at La Patriote in December and a few other top finishes. However the seasoned "Dancing Bear" was once again too much for the young upstart Cicero as he fell 9-4.

In the final Martel revenged his earlier loss to Hewitt 11-8 to win his third event of the season. I am accepting sponsorship as always to help cover expenses to go and cover the event this weekend. It is a great and cheap way to advertise your business as no contribution is to small. Also if you are a frequent reader of Cue Sport Nation it is a great way to support us and to make sure the updates keep on coming. Email transfer and receipts are available! Hope to see many new faces this weekend! 

Once again I would like the thank my main sponsor for this event, Rack-M-Up Billiards in Cornwall Ontario!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Rack-M-Up Billiards: Gauthier Wins AAA Tournament

Runner-up Marc "Jesus" Malette and Do Gauthier 
By: Markus Noé

Saturday February 24th Rack-M-Up Billiards held a rare event these days in Ontario, a AAA and under non-handicap 9 Ball tournament. With only about two weeks notice players from Ottawa/Gatineau and Montreal came to participate. Originally the field was slated to be filled at 24 however do to overwhelming interest owner of the room and tournament director Doug Disotell opened the field to 32. The entry was $40 it was races to 7 on the winners side and 6 on the losers, as well as alternative break.

When player registration ended at 9:45 there was 31 participants and shortly after the player auction began. This is better known as a "Calcutta," and it is where the players are auctioned off with the winners getting an extra prize fund. Each player that is auctioned off has the option to buy 50% of themselves back in order to be eligible for the side pot. The players who all tied for the highest bids which is a good indicator of who the favourites are were, Marc Malette, Jean-Francois Dorais, Jody Roy. The overall side pot was $1720

Two of the betting favourites met up right away as Roy sent Dorais over to the one loss side in the first match. Marc Malette also found himself on the losers side at the hands of Do Gauthier a newly ranked AAA in the Québec Federation who has been playing well as of late. Most of this field was was fairly evenly matched despite no handicap which made for an entertaining day. That being said some lower ranked players such as Daniel Sumon, Josh Levac, Cullen Arihote and J.R Cook stepped up for chance at gaining some experience and potentially as we like to say around here, "ruin someone's day." Levac and Arihote both were able to accomplish this feat both beating players ranked multiple levels above their own.

Third place finisher Mehdi Harraq with director Doug Disotell
Local favourite Jody Roy was on an impressive run beating two of the stronger players in the field, Luc Comptois and Dorais before meeting up with Mehdi Harraq in the winners side final 4. Harraq knocked Roy over to the losers side in this bracket and met up with Do Gauthier in the winners side final. Gauthier was down 3-0 to myself and kicked it up a gear to beat me 7-3. He carried this momentum into the hot-seat match making quick work of Harraq 7-3.

In the final Gauthier met up with local player Malette who worked hard winning 8 matches on the losers side to have his chance at redemption. It was looking good early for Malette as he lead 4-1 in this race to 7. However as he was doing all day Gauthier came all the way back to win 7-5 and win his second tournament in as many months. It should be noted that Malette has taken several years off playing and has recently come back to competitive play, this is his second time finishing in the top 2 in the last two events here.

Congratulations to all the winners! Also a big thank you to all the Québec players who came down, many of whom have been big supporters of Cue Sport Nation. It was a pleasure to see the same people support a great tournament in my home room. Doug Disotell did a fantastic job running the event smoothly as well as being the referee. There was not a single complaint all day and from what I heard from the players I know these tournaments can be a regular success.

Payouts Calcutta included

1. Do Gauthier $930

2. Marc Mallet $610

3. Mehdi Harraq $430

4. JF Dorais $290

5/6  Jody Roy/Markus Noé $190

7/8 Luc Comptois, Justin Miller $40