Sunday, 21 December 2014

CBSA Acquires New Sponsorship from Kamui Tips


The CBSA is pleased to announce our newest sponsor Kamui tips. 


The CBSA would like to thank Kamui and John Bertone for their support. Kamui is an industry leader in tip and chalk technology. Please visit their Facebook page for more information. 

Kamui will now join OB Cues, SimonisAramith and Think Green Industries as major sponsors of the CBSA. 


If any company or individual is interested in sponsoring the CBSA please contact Kyle Richard at or visit

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Chang on the Rise

"Submitted Article" 

Another successful installment of the 2014/15 ‘404’ series took place this past weekend (December 13 & 14th) at the Shooters Snooker and Sports Club. This was the 4th event in this year’s tournaments.

Despite the proximity to the holiday season, this past weekend’s event drew a good field of 56 players to the tournament. The weekend field was comprised mainly of GTA players with several out-of-town players also attending although out-of-towners were less represented than usual. As in past ‘404’ and Shooters Amateur events, the field continues to attract players who have never before participated in these events and those making a return to this level of competition.

After play concluded on Saturday, Alan Ada, Kevin Oliveira, Ben Chang and McEarl Bucais were undefeated on the ‘A’ side while the ‘B’ side had Sumon Sarkar, Tyler Jenkins, Peter Hetherington, Brandon Griffen, Bill Delkos, Romeo Zulueta, Stefane Godinho, and Adrian Fragoso returning for Sunday play. Not surprisingly, most of the Sunday matches were very competitive and when the dust settled Ben Chang had gone undefeated to capture the ‘A’ side title while Alan Ada and Sumon Sarkar were left to contest ‘B’ side bragging rights. Ada prevailed against Sarkar setting up a rematch against Chang who had sent him to the ‘B’ side. In the tournament final Chang again emerged victorious.

Congratulations to Ben Chang on his 404 tournament win. Ben has emerged as the player to beat in the events so far in 2014/15 with his steady and consistent play. Also making his presence felt in the Shooters’ tournaments this year has been Sumon Sarkar who again achieved a high placement. And Alan’s high finish might signal a return to high calibre tournament play for the veteran Filipino.

As always, thanks to those who participated in the ‘404’ at Shooters Snooker and Sports Club. While pre-registration for the tournament remains an asset it is not without its issues as some players continue to fail to inform the tournament organizer of their change in plans. This results in a tournament field that is less than capacity. Players must notify the tournament organizer of cancellations in sufficient time to permit others toparticipate. This is not only a discourtesy to the tournament organizer and the rest of the players but it causes the tournament to begin unnecessarily late time after time.

The next Shooters ‘404’ will be held January 3 & 4th, 2015.

** If you have pre-registered for the event you must be present and your entry fee paid by 11:00 a.m. on the day of the tournament. Failure to do so may result in your place being forfeited to an individual on the waiting list.**

Player Prize Money Calcutta

1st Ben Chang 8 $850 $850

2nd Alan Ada 6 $550 $420

3rd Sumon Sarkar 7 $340 $320

4th Adrian Fragoso 6 $225 $210

5-6th Kevin Oliveira 5 $140 $105

5-6th McEarl Bucais 7 $140 $105

7th-8th Peter Hetherington 6 $85 $55

7th-8th Romeo Zulueta 6 $85 $55

9th -12th Tyler Jenkins 4 $50

9th -12th Stefane Godinho 8 $50

9th -12th Brandon Griffen 5 $50

9th -12th Bill Delkos 7 $50

Sponsorship Announcement from the CBSA


The CBSA is pleased to announce our newest sponsor Think Green Industries.  

The CBSA would like to thank Roy Munns and Jane Gordon of Think Green Industries for their support. Think Green Industries Ltd is a company specializing in landscape maintenance and construction based in Regina, Saskatchewan. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information. 

Think Green Industries will now join OB Cues, Simonis and Aramith as major sponsors of the CBSA. 


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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Mika Immonen's "Mastering Pool" DVD Series
By: Markus Noé

We are now 8 days away from Christmas and for those who have not finished their Christmas shopping the scramble is on. We at Cue Sport Nation would like to pass along a few ideas to help you buy for that pool crazed person in your family.

Learn the run out patterns of the best players in the world!
We are lucky enough to have Run Out Media as one of our major sponsors this year. Because of this we have some great products for sale. For those of you who have not heard of Run Out Media, it is a Canadian company run by Nathan DuMoulin. He has worked with all of the top players in the world and with his unique style he has become the new standard for instructional DVDs. He is also the one responsible for the massively popular "Venom Trickshots" series done by world renowned trick-shot artist Florian "Venom" Kohler. 

Some of the best trick-shots you will see anywhere. 
We also have 3 "Hustlin" hats remaining as well as our own Cue Sport Nation t-shirts, however most of them are in a medium seize as we our at the end of our order. For more details on pricing I can be contacted through facebook or by email at Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Have You Heard of Pool Stream TV?

 By: Markus Noé

Pool players and enthusiasts Daniel Robichaud and Fred Lapointe are the ones behind . This website is dedicated to streaming challenge matches and tournaments throughout the province of Québec. They have gained in popularity as of late because of their streams in Dolbeau, which has featured Pro and Semi-Pro tournaments cut off at 16 players with $500 entries, as well as their "Color of Money" series.

This series usually pits highly ranked players against each other in a series of challenge matches that range between $500-$1000 not including the "side action" going on between the spectators. The most recent edition was held on Saturday November 29. The first match of the day was a straight pool match between Alain Martel and Francis Crevier which Martel won 250-216. Other matches that took place was David Deschene vs Stephane Bolduc and Pat Desbiens vs Daniel Gagne. These matches can be seen for free at

Daniel Gagné and Pat Desbiens. 

In an interesting switch from their usual format the next "Color of Money" challenge matches will be made for AAA ranking players and lower, as more players want to participate. Once again this will take place in the recently renovated garage of David Deschenes house where he has built in a bleacher section for fans. You can watch live for as little as 10$ and I believe that includes a meal as well. You can also watch live on stream for as little as 5$.  The "Color of Money 5" dates will be announced as soon the matches have been confirmed.

Korean Assassin Wins Back to Back C.W.T Stops

Winner Hanna Kwon with runner up Kayla Roloson 

"Submitted Article"

The amateur Canadian Women's Tour had their 4th stop on Saturday December 6, 2014 at the lovely pool hall Strokers Billiards and Other Diversions in London, Ontario.Despite having their own in-house tours and other independent tournaments, they were able to accommodate the ladies tour and it brought out probably the strongest field to date.

From the veteran's list are VNEA champions Maureen Van de Ven who also won tour stop #1, Kayla Jones and recently returning from China representing Canada at the World Junior Championships was Kayla Roloson.There was also tour stop #3 winner Hanna "The Korean Assassin" Kwon and experienced tournament player Suzanne Peters running the show as well as playing.

Newcomers Anita Chan and Donna Sasges, locals from the London area, came out to try their luck.
Chan has had previous tournament experience playing in the 404 as well as the VNEA and Sasges has also competed in the VNEA as well as the former Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour.

Van de Ven played tournament rookie Shaw. Solid potting from Van de Van and unluckily for Shaw, who at a score of 5-3 in a 7-5 race, had lost the cue ball in the following two racks after successfully potting the combinations shots on the 9-ball.Van de Van went on to win 9-5.Peters and Roloson were up next next, Going neck and neck, Peters squeaked by in a nail-biting hill-hill battle to win 8-7 in a straight race to 8.Jones defeated Chan decidedly with a score of 9-3 in a 9-5 race and Kwon was taken down by Sasges with a convincing score of 6-7.

As the day went on, it was clear that all of the players were struggling with the speed of the tables.
The cue ball could not seem to avoid going into the pockets or shape was a struggle as the cue ball seemed to run a lot further than anticipated.In the end, it was Peters and Jones in the A-side finals and Kwon and Sasges in the B-side finals.

On the streaming table, both Peters and Jones were having difficulty finding their rhythm and often times turned into a safety battle.Jones turned the tables near the end and pulled out a win over Peters to advance to the hot seat. Kwon had her opportunity to seek revenge against Sasges in the B-side finals and which she did by dominating the match with a definitive win of 9-3.It is now Peters and Kwon looking to fight to play Jones in the finals.

In a 9-8 race, it was head-to-head until the defensive play of Kwon gave her the edge to advance to the final match.In this true double elimination format, Kwon would need to defeat Jones twice in order to win the tournament. In a straight race to 9, a rocky start by Kwon had Jones leading for more than half the match at which time Kwon clawed her way back to win the first set 9-6.
Second set, Jones was determined to not allow Kwon take another game, let alone the match.
However, it was not to be this time as Kwon was carrying her momentum from the previous match into this final round and won easily 9-2.

This event would not have been possible without Ronda Drew-Clement of Strokers accommodating the tour, Wayne Dwyer as our streaming expert and referee, and of course, Suzanne Peters for making this tour happen.Next event will be on January 17, 2015 back at Petrina's Billiards in Ajax. Hope to see everyone there!

*Note: Hanna Kwon has had a very big year winning multiple times on the Billard Feminin Tour  and the Canadian Women's Tour. She has also had some top finishes on the AA circuit in the Quebec Federation which as resulted in her gaining some attention. Thus there will be a challenge match coming up next month between Kwon and one of the top Canadian Female players around Veronique Menard. Take a look at the poster below for more details. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Tournoi en équipe 5A au Terminus de Hull

5A Scotch Doubles Tournament Annoucement

Heywood Takes 1st in the 3rd RCC of the Season

DSC_8701 (800x536)

"Submitted Article"

Saturday December 6th was a great day for Ben Heywood, as we once again saw a player go through a tough field undefeated.  Ben had a tough first round draw with Ben Chang, coming out the victor and then successfully beating some room favorites Mike Patay, Paul Duell, Jeremy Isard and Pod Snagosh..and then sat waiting for the finals to begin…

Stuart MacTaggart had a tougher route, as the youngster, just back from the Junior event in China, lost his first round against Dave Lettner, sending him to battle it out on the B Side.  His opponents will agree that the more he played, the smoother his stroke got, and he successfully defeated Ted Easton, Scot Noonan, Tom Polsinelli, Rod Arsenault, Mike Patay, Jeremy Isard, Isaac Ramos and Pod Snagosh to meet Ben in the finals.

The first round of the finals did go hill hill, but Ben got to the end first and won the event with a clean sweep.  Congratulations Ben and Stuart on your amazing 9 Ball matches!


1st Place: Ben Heywood  $460 – $790 (C)

2nd Place: Stuart MacTaggart $240 – $420 (C)

3rd Place: Pod Shognosh $160 – $280 (C)

4th Place: Isaac Ramos $  95 – $160 (C)

5th/6th Place: Justin Leyland $ 50 – $ 80 (C)

5th/6th Place: Jeremy Isard $ 50 – $ 80 (C)

For more information about Royal City Challenge events can be found on their website 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

404 Results: More of Morra

From left to right Sumon Sarkar, Peter Chin, John Morra

Submitted Article

The 3rd event of the 2014/15 ‘404’ series took place this past weekend (November 29 & 30th) at the Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto.

The 404 continues to be a popular tournament for GTA players and beyond with participants from as far away as Orillia and Columbus, Ohio making the trek to compete in this tournament. It is also satisfying to see the mix of regular 404 players and players new to tournament competition at this level participating in the 404 series this year. The tournament was ready for a full field of 64 players on Saturday but was forced to settle for a field of 60 after ‘no-shows’ failed to inform the tournament organizer that they would not be attending thus preventing players on the waiting list from participating.

After play concluded on Saturday, Jehlar Fernandez, Sumon Sarkar, Ben Chang, and David Maung were undefeated on the ‘A’ side while the ‘B’ side had Bernie Fulford, Edmund Chow, Carlin Sanderson, Ian Argue, John Morra, Rob Hall, Tony Hong and Greg Plester returning for Sunday play. When the dust settled later in the day on Sunday, Sumon Sarkar had gone undefeated to capture the ‘A’ side title while John Morra and David Maung were left to contest ‘B’ side bragging rights. Morra prevailed against Maung by a 12-1 score as Morra’s game only got stronger as the tournament progressed. In the tournament final Morra again dominated his opponent by defeating Sarkar 11-2 to claim the tournament title.

Congratulations to John Morra on his 404 tournament win --- his first of the 2014/15 season. Despite a more challenging handicap system in the 404 series this year and a loss in his first match of the tournament, Morra persevered and won 11 consecutive matches to win the tournament. While there may have been some uncharacteristic missteps by some of his opponents in the later rounds when they had him “on the ropes”, that does not diminish his accomplishment in any way. His early loss did not discourage him and he performed some old fashioned “grinding” to earn the tournament title – a trait that he obviously inherited from his father. Canada is well represented by John Morra on the world stage. John is off to the Philippines later this week to compete in the Manny Pacquiao Cup. Good luck John!

Thanks to those who participated and apologies to those who were unable to play as a result of the high demand for entry to this event. The wealth of new players to both the 404 and the Shooters Amateur Event as well as the full fields at both events is primarily due to the efforts of the Shooters room owner who has expended significant effort to contact players, follow up with these players and follow-up again to ensure that the players will be attending the event. And although guidelines need to be further tightened to better manage the privilege of pre-registration, this pre-registration has been largely successful in attracting players and ensuring full fields for the events at Shooters this season.

The next Shooters ‘404’ will be held December 13 and 14th.

** If you have pre-registered for the event you must be present and your entry fee paid by 11:00 a.m. on the day of the tournament. Failure to do so may result in your place being forfeited to an individual on the waiting list.**

Player Prize Money Calcutta

1st John Morra 12 $900 $810

2nd Sumon Sarkar 7 $600 $580

3rd David Maung 4 $350 $350

4th Carlin Sanderson 7 $230 $230

5-6th Ben Chang 8 $150 $115

5-6th Jehlar Fernandez 5 $150 $115

7th -8th Greg Plester 7 $85 $60

7th-8th Bernie Fulford 6 $85 $60

9th -12th Rob Hall 10 $50

9th -12th Ian Argue 5 $50

9th -12th Tony Hong 6 $50