Friday, 11 December 2015

Year in Review: Academie De Billard Sylvain Grenier

2015 has been a year with plenty of novelties for billiards in Québec which among these, two new circuits had emerged. Additionally to the already existing circuits from the Fédération Québécoise des Sports de Billard (FQSB), we witnessed the birth of a Junior circuit from the ADBQ and also a Professional circuit, the Falcon Cues Québec Tour. Still, the novelty which everyone is talking about this year is, of course, the Académie de Billard Sylvain Grenier (ABSG).

Sylvain Grenier started playing pool at 10 years old with his brother and friends and became a passionate of the sport. He quickly became the best in his circle and at 15, his brother brought him to Mauricie's pool hall. He then started to practice with people more experienced with whom he learned a lot. Both his dedication and his determination brought him results towards the game, indeed, he dominated each and every classes he went through throughout the years. Within less than four years, he ultimately reached the Pro status. He participated in many majors events, among these, he won the World Speed Pool in 2000 and, in 2001, he played in the prestigious US Open event and in the Molson Cup, which he finished 2nd behind the legendary Alain "The Dancing Bear" Martel.

With the reality of life, he chose to put away billiards for more than 12 years in order to take care of his family by starting a brilliant career in motoring.

In november 2014, he made a flawless comeback in tournaments and he seemed to be at the exact same level when he left the game 12 years back then. He attended and cashed in major events such as the Turning Stone Classic (this event gathered the best players around the world) and the Eastern USA Championship, which he finished 3rd. In 2015, he earned himself two 2nd places in 9-ball and 10-ball at the Québec Provincial Championships and won the Falcon Cues Québec Tour stop in Sept-Îles.

His love for the sport does not only show in competition, he also want to teach it. In 2015, he fulfills his dream by opening the first and yet only Québec's billiards academy in Trois-Rivières. Sylvain Grenier can now share his knowledge and his great experience towards the game for amateurs and lovers of the sport. The academy, with 6 tables in it, gives to the people many features. People may take lessons and classes as well in individual, in groups or with friends. Age does not matter, you can be a junior, an adult or a senior. Players can also practice by themselves with non-supervised training.

The academy also gives people the opportunity to measure your skills by competing with other players during tournaments and leagues, especially for juniors
and for different levels. Last Thursday, I (Luc Paquette) went to the academy to play a "Life Tournament". Anyone from any age can play in it. The youngest competitor was a girl, she was about 7. How joyful was it to watch those little youngsters playing pool and walking around the table with a small bench to step on to be able to be tall enough to reach the table! I enjoyed to see how the young ones appreciated to receive advice from the older ones. The most impressive thing was how the youngsters were taught to behave themselves and have sportsmanship during competitions. Everyone remained silent and stood still while their opponent was shooting and even when someone has lost, everybody shook hands with his opponent to congratulate the winner and they smiled at each other, the main reason to play pool is the fun everyone gets out of it, especially when you are a kid.

Billiards can be a great way for children and teens to either discover a passion, to develop logical and mathematical thinking, to fix goals, to surpass themselves
and to strenghten their perseverance.

Billiards is getting is nobility back and is turning back to a sport which can be practiced in family, from 7 to 77 years old, thanks to the academy. The reasons why anyone from any age can go over there are that there are no gambling machines and no alcohols. In order to have your acces granted, membership is required because the academy is not a pool hall, it is a training center.

The academy is a new hope for billiards in Québec and prospective champions may emerge from it. This center may give back and increase both exposure and credibility for the sport which were lacking for the past years.

With the holidays coming, it would be a great opportunity for you to make your relatives and friends discover this great sport which is described as "Anticipation is an art itself in billiards! It is not a game but a complete and artistic sport which requires good physical conditions, a logical reasoning of a chess player and the accurate touch of a pianist."

For further information on the Académie de Billard Sylvain Grenier, please visit:

Original text by: Luc Paquette, Josiane Larocque and Pascal Guimond

Translated by: Dany Nguyen

Thanks to Guy Simard from for the photo

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Falcon Tour: Grenier downs Hewitt in Sept-Iles

By: Luc Paquette & Tino Barbieri

This past weekend in Sept-îles Falcon Tour stop #5 took place. 29 players participated, including 21 amateurs, since only 4 professionals have dared to venture the long road which separated them from the event and 4 Semi Pros, 3 of which were from the region of Sept - îles, responded to the challenge. Only Danny Hewitt, Alain Parent, Sylvain Grenier and Francis Crevier, as well as the semi-professional Eric Hamel, were the representatives outside the region for this event. The opening draw gave the top guns a run for their money while Alain Parent the only pro in the top half of the draw won his matches with ease. Sylvain Grenier and Junior Hervieux, a former provincial champion, clashed in the first round. Francis Crevier and the winner of the last three stops, Danny Hewitt, clashed in the second round. At the end the cream always rises to the top and the 4 professional players finished in the top four positions. Now let’s take a look at how it all went down for the “Fab Four’s”.

The first round gave us some very good matches. Danny Hewitt vs Claude Caron, a AAA player and former AA Provincial Champion. Hewitt won the match by a score of 9-3 and awaited the winner of the match between Francis Crevier and Eddie-Eric Fontaine. Crevier won 9-4. Sylvain Grenier beat Junior Hervieux 9-4 then faced off against Eric Fontaine (not to be confused with Eddie), who had received a bye in the first round. Alain Parent, who seemed to be favoured at the top of the draw, cruised by his opponents by a score of 9-2 against Edgar Mercier. Parent’s domination continued with a white wash (9-0) against John Guanish, and two 9-4s against Guy Leblanc and Jean-François Lapierre which got him a spot in the Hot Seat Match. The long-awaited second round match was undoubtedly between, the winner of the first stop Francis Crevier and the winner of the last three, Danny Hewitt. Hewitt got this one with a 9-4 victory and a third round match, waiting for the winner of the Grenier vs Fontaine match-up. Grenier took this one by a score of 9-6 which sent him for battle against Hewitt in the third round. Grenier who came 2nd in Jonquière (FT Stop #2) vs Hewitt, failed to defeat Hewitt in the last 3 consecutive times they matched up this season, this time by the score of 9-4. Hewitt continued his momentum with a 9-1 victory over Nelson Santerre to reach the A side finals against Alain Parent.

Crevier and Grenier had not said their last word and made their trek on the B side. Crevier put it into overdrive and defeated Joe Shacanadish 9-1, Denis Bouchard 9-3, Guy Leblanc 9-1, Yvon Hervieux 9-0 and Nelson Santerre 9 - 5, to finally meet his match and played for the 4th spot vs Sylvain Grenier, who on his end was all business with wins over Dave Simon 9-2, Junior Hervieux 9-5 and Jean-François Lapierre 9-3. In the match vs Crevier , Grenier appeared to be heading for the finish line with a lead of 8-4, but Francis Crevier methodically marched back by winning 4 consecutive games to make it a “Hill-Hill” battle. Crevier who had a hard time making balls off the break, finally gets one in the decisive game, but a positional error on the 2 allowed Grenier back to the table. Grenier was facing a difficult shot on the 2, he went all offense missed it and pulled a rabbit out of his cue by placing the cue ball behind the 5. Crevier was not able to get out of this mess and Grenier thanked the pool gods for his victory to reach the B side finals. Now playing for 3rd against Parent who got steamrolled by Hewit 9-3. Grenier, who was in fine form this Sunday, sent Parent to the showers with a 9-4 win to reach “LA GRANDE FINALE” against Hewitt. Will this match put an end to a sequence of three consecutive defeats against Hewitt in tournament? Would he end Hewitt’s sequence of 3 consecutive wins on the tour?

With a race to 11, the score was 2-2 in which Grenier made the first move in winning 3 straight to take the lead 5-2. While everything seemed to indicate that Hewitt would win the next game, he missed an easy 7 in which Grenier took full advantage of this opportunity to take a 4 game lead. A combo on the 9 in the following game gave him a 7-2 lead. Hewitt was not done and turned it around to take 3 straight. At 7-5 a bad kiss on a ball caused a scratch for Hewitt and in return Grenier ran the table and took a 3 game lead. A 4-9 combo by Grenier took him to 9-5. Grenier, who seemed to be playing with confidence was two games away from winning his first stop of the season. At the 15th game, Hewitt played a safety that forced Grenier to play by the rails. He managed to kick the 4 in by one rail which lead him to run the table and now on the hill. Hewitt had his back against the wall at had to win the next 6 games to keep his winning streak alive. He came up short and Grenier; who is the founder of the Academie de Billard Sylvain Grenier, won his first Quebec Falcon Tour stop of the season by a score of 11-6.

In the second chance tournament, 16 players (a tour record) participated in the event and it's Dave Simon who defeated Éric Fontaine. The winner of the Falcon Cue valued at $1,000 was Gaston Ouellet, while Mario Thibault won the $ 50 gift certificate curtesy of The Winning Stroke. The Falcon Tour wishes to thank Isabelle, Annick and the entire staff at the Tuxedo Bar, as well as all the players and spectators who participated in the event. The next Rendez-Vous will be January 16-17, 2016 for the Falcon Tour Levis Nile Guay Memorial in which there will be 2000$ added. The Falcon Tour team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season. For more information about the Falcon Tour, please visit our website at For information on the Academy of Billiards Sylvain Grenier, please go to


1st Sylvain Grenier $1,000
2nd   Danny Hewitt $700
3rd  Alain Parent $475
4th Francis Crevier $300
5-6th  Jean-francois Lapierre $160
Nelson Santerre $160
7-8th Yvon Hervieux $100
Junior Hervieux $100

2nd chance tournament
1st Dave Simon $300
2nd  Eric Fontaine $200
3rd  Eddie-Éric Fontaine $140
4th  Gilles Giasson 90$
5-6th Alain Michaud $45
Magloire McKenzie $45